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Just a Glimpse ...

From facilitating the creation of everlasting friendships by bringing passionate people together, to inspiring each individual to be fearless in his or her pursuits (with a lot of positive encouragement and a little help from the harness); mentoring the youth and future of the world to learn kindness, acceptance, dedication, and self worth through the study of the sport they love, to turning the insecurity of those who 'started late' into beauty and grace: I am proud, grateful, and humbled by the work I do. 

This is just a glimpse.

Megan Nordle figure skating for everyone

Ranging in ages from 17-57, this group of students all have one thing in common: they love being on the ice.
The only requirements I hold every skater to in order to train with me are passion, determination, and joy!

'Flying' is my specialty. 

From fearful to fearless: it just takes the right kind of encouragement from a coach you love and trust!

Hard work pays off for this young athlete - Your success is my success!

Original choreography and authentic joy.

You belong with Team Nordle.

Growing up, I was always aware - even as a small child - that the sport of figure skating can be selective, judgemental, prejudice, and cold (beyond the temperature). Oh, and did I mention how hard it can be? I think it's why so many stay away from it; it just seems so untouchable. It's one of the reasons I retired from competitive figure skating and chose to pursue formal training and education in dance. It's also the singular reason that, when I returned to the ice with an abundance of new knowledge and a changed perspective on what skating could be for me and for all, I made it my mission to invite, encourage, and ensure that everyone has a place, and a future, on the ice. It is common for high level coaches to only accept students that meet a certain 'standard'. The only standard I demand from each and every person I teach is the will and determination to be your best self on ice. The only thing I need from you is the same excitement and eagerness to learn as I have to teach. And be willing to laugh a little... usually at yourself.

I will guide you through the many incredible avenues this beautiful sport provides - from ice dance to ice theater, edge quality to performance quality, Moves in the Field to movement that makes you FEEL - and I can assure you that, whatever YOUR dream is, it IS possible. No, you probably won't make it to the olympics... but if you're dream is to compete a program, you will - with me standing proudly at the boards.

Skating can, and should, be whatever you want it to be - there is a place and a purpose for everyone on the ice. If you believe this, you belong with Team Nordle.

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