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Megan Nordle and daughter Luna on ice!

Hi, I'm Megan Nordle!

My name is Megan Nordle, and I am passionate about movement.

I have been a figure skater for over 30 years, a dancer for 25 years, and have worked as a professional in both figure skating and dance for more than 15 years in Philadelphia, New York City, and throughout the East Coast.

My approach to being an educator in both dance and figure skating is focused on the belief that these are gifts and joys that everyone deserves to experience. Regardless of age, ability, or limitations, I will guide you - with an abundance of enthusiasm and positive energy -to whatever goals you can dream up. My extensive background in movement (ballet, figure skating, yoga, modern dance, pilates, and plyometric exercise) allows me to assess each person individually with great care, and design a program that ensures success. 

As a new mother, I am more dedicated now than ever to molding well-rounded, knowledgeable, emotionally strong, confident, and purposeful athletes and artists of all ages into the world of figure skating and dance. I was fortunate enough to have mentors in my life who taught me far more than just elements and technique - I learned to be a good human through the passions I pursued - and I approach my business with the utmost care to give that same gift to everyone I meet. 

I am inspired and passionate about what I do, and my dream is to share it with you!

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My Story

Megan Nordle figure skater dancer choreographer trainer

Megan was born into the world of figure skating, and grew up on the ice under the guidance of her mother and coach. By the age of 8, Megan was a decorated competitive figure skater. Intending to enhance her performance quality on ice, Megan's mother enrolled her in dance classes. Megan's passion, dedication, and talent in both forms of movement blossomed for the next decade, and produced regional and national titles in dance, as well as a place in the Professional Skaters Association, by the age of 18.  

Megan went on to receive her BFA in Modern Dance Performance with a Masters Emphasis in Choreography from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Immediately after graduation, she was hired as the head ballet and modern dance teacher at the PA Leadership Charter School of Performing and Fine Arts, where she wrote and taught original sanctioned curriculums in multiple forms of dance to over 150 students ages 10-18. 


Later, Megan pursued a performance career in New York City, appearing in both dance and figure skating entertainment. Her professional highlights on ice include starring in Glass Gang's music video 'Lower', and touring with the Jack Daniel's 'Motel No. 5' immersive experience. As a professional dancer, she has performed as a company member with multiple dance companies, including Mark Dendy Dance & Theater and Buglisi Dance Theatre performing at world renowned Lincoln Center, as well as performed in international commercials, as a background dancer for K-Pop superstar Wheesung, and was a choreographer and cast member for an original musical 'R/Evolution' by William Moulton in NYC. 

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